Monday, July 13, 2009

Real vintage photo! Somewhere, years ago...

This is a picture I love so much!
Our parents somewhere in Montevideo during the 50's. They look happy! You can see it on their smiles! My mom and my aunt were good at sewing and made all their clothes. There was no extra money to go shopping...

Mireille parents are on the left and mine on the right. My aunt and my dad were brother and sister. The four were born in Cairo, Egypt and at the beginning of the 50's they went to live in Uruguay and that's where Mireille and I saw the world!
Usually little girls fall in love with their dads but I was in love with my uncle! He was so handsome! I use to say that when I grew up I would marry him!

At home we spoke French and with the people around us we spoke Spanish. Later in the 60's my family and I went to live in Switzerland for 5 years and later on to Panama. Mireille left Montevideo for good and started a new life in Jerusalem in the 70's. Finally I came to Israel too and joined the rest of the family in 1998.

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