Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello and welcome!

This blog will be a nice little spot where we'll be able to see, share and chat about creativity, handmade crafts , vintage world in general, about our vintage shop and stuff we like and do! It will also be a place to promote other etsians, their stories and their work.

A week ago we opened a new vintage shop in Etsy and since last thursday we are very excited and enthusiastic! We want to thank first of all the big and friendly Etsy community! We really feel at home there!

We are a two cousins/friends team. Mireille and Viviane. Mireille takes care of the clothes and accessories, she travels and buys all the items and I am the one who sits on the computer reading, researching and writing.

Okay... did I say in the profile that I speak English? Well, I do but it's not my mother language, so please please take this into consideration when you read me here...

We were both born in Uruguay, French and Spanish are the first languages we learned since we were babies. Later came English and Hebrew.

I love to surf on the web, I spend hours here. I am learning a lot about all the tools we need to make this project grow but sometimes all this techno knowledge drives me crazy!
I hope that in a couple of days the blog will be all set and ready as it has to be. Right now I am fighting with all the gatgets! I am not a techno girl!

Well, enough bla, bla for now! I want to show you some pictures !

The first one shows a beautiful lace top and a pleated skirt. The second picture features a sweet chiffon tunic and the last a black lace top and a tomato red pleated skirt!
You can find all the details and descriptions in the shop.

You are more than welcome to visit our shop. It's a pitty we cannot offer you a good cup of coffee while you try on our beautiful clothes but we offer free shipping worldwide instead!

I'll be back with more later!


Adi golbert said...

Welcome and good luck. I enjoyed a lot reading you blog. You write very well and interesting.

Mireille and Viviane said...

Thank you Adi! Your feedback is important to us!

dogdazzle said...

Your blog is really nice. I enjoyed learning about you. Your English is VERY good!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I already hearted you on Etsy! Be in touch!


Mireille and Viviane said...

I am trying to find out how to answer people's comments! Augh!!!

Janine said...

Great!!! specutacular! good luck! very nice blog and i hope i will go there myself and buy things!

Mireille and Viviane said...

Thank you baby! Yo always cheer me up!

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